Functional Lifestyles is a well-rounded fitness program that attacks all angles of health and fitness.

The reason why businesses, relationships, training programs, and diets all fail is because there is either too much or too little of something. Happiness should equate to finding life's perfect balance, which is where 'Pursuit of Balance' originated.

This program intends to bring everything together by helping you move better, eat better, look better, and as a result become happier in your own skin. It focuses on joint mobility, core stability, bodyweight movements, strength training, conditioning work and emphasizes core/compound lifts, which have proven to be more effective than machines will ever be, essentially making your body the machine.

Corey Mailloux

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Certs: ACE, NASM (CPT, CES, PES), CrossFit Lvl. 1 & Gymnastics, USAW Lvl. 1, Kettlebell Lvl. 1, Trigger Point, Original Strength, Animal Flow

Specialties: Strength & Conditioning, Nutritional Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Philosophy: Creating a mindset of positive change every single day - Pursuit of Balance.

Michael Streck-Woodward
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Hometown: East Palo Alto, CA


Specialties: Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Seniors Training, Sports Specific Training

Lifestyle Philosophy: Work hard to play hard.

Jesse Mailloux
General Manager

Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA


Lifestyle Philosophy: Most likely to have the best eyes.